The 3 Main Types of Malta Hotels

Malta Hotels are plentiful and varied.

It can safely be said that hotels in Malta come in all shapes and sizes. In some parts of the Maltese islands you will see lovely old townhouses that were transformed into modern hotels. These types of hotels are usually right at the centre of the town or village.

Malta and Gozo have no shortage of 3 star hotels. Most of these hotels are located right at the centre of popular seaside resorts on the Maltese islands. They offer basic forms of accommodation and a lot of them have pools.

During off peak season, you can usually find some incredible bargains on Malta hotel rates.

Then you have 4 star hotels. In addition to indoor and outdoor pools, these types of hotels would also be equipped with a few restaurants and bars.

Malta hotel rates obviously depend on their rating but rates usually range from Euro 20 to Euro 100 per person.

5 star hotels in Malta are the epitome of luxury, with lavish indoor and outdoor pools, multiple restaurants and relaxing and rejuvenating health spas. Perfect for an unforgettable holiday on the Maltese islands.

In general, most of the hotels in Malta are located in strategic spots in the centre of things.

However, if you’re looking for isolation, there are a few hotels that cater for you. These are usually situated in the Northern part of Malta. Since Malta is so small, these types of hotels manage to kill two birds with one stone.

This is because on the one hand, you can enjoy your privacy and isolation but on the other hand, you’re never too far off from all the major attractions on the island.

Gozo is much quieter than Malta. Hotels there are usually small family run businesses. You will also find a few large, luxurious hotels as well.

Then there’s Comino, the third and smallest inhabited island of the Maltese Islands. There’s only one hotel in Comino but it’s well equipped with all that visitors may require during their vacation.

Palace Hotel (Fateh Bagh Ranakpur) – Royalty Recrafted at Rajasthan, India

“Fateh Bagh” situated at Ranakpur not far from Udaipur, Fateh Bagh Palace has a history as rich as the rest of the Rajasthan. But certainly nothing about the palace hotel is more unique than the fact that its owner, Jitendra Singh Rathore, a hotelier and scion of royal Rajput family, decided to move it stone by stone, to a setting more suited to a heritage hotel & Palace Hotel. The magnitude of the task is awe-inspiring. The palace was originally located at Koshilav, a small village near Ranakpur. A team of 50 including a civil engineer were selected to carry out the relocation. It took local artisans two year to transport the 65000 pieces of stone that make up the palace hotel to a lakeside location at Ranakpur, famed for its beautiful 15th century jain temples.

Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine that there was empty land at Ranakpur where the structure now stands. The imposing 25,000 sq ft square shaped palace seems right at home in this picturesque town, its majestic domes and arches, pillars and pavilions, courtyards and gardens, fusing effortlessly into the landscape. The Palace hotel it self offers every facility and experience Rajasthan’s Palace hotels are famed for, and is now part of Arvind Singh Mewar’s HRH group a world known Heritage Group of Hotels. The four suites and 18 deluxe rooms are thematically designed, each unique. A sense of calm pervades, hightened by the emphasis on all things natural. So you have a special Spiritual Cuisine menu that offers food prepared from organic, healthy ingredients; special spaces designed for meditation; Vedic theme rooms, and a library well stocked with books including those on philosophy and spirituality at Palace Hotel, Ranakpur. But luxury hasn’t been discarded in the process- the suites have private jacuzzis, vintage car rides can be arranged on request, and massages and spa facilities are all on call.

The Palace hotel’s architecture is arresting, and a huge draw in itself. Starting at the entrance and adorning doors, windows and walls are chattarpattas or floral motif crowns that the nobleman of your were allowed to carve when they had achieved some great feat, Fateh Bagh had 65 of these, reflecting the most intricate carving. Then there is the main hall that faces the front garden and stands on 24 pillars and is embellished with 22 arches that is majestic in its scale and scope. Add to this the fact that every painting and fresco on the walls ahead first to have layers of colour removed, and then lovingly restored at the new location at Ranakpur, and you have something quite out of the ordinary. A palace hotel that creates history even as it celebrates its own.

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Art, Restaurants and Hotels in Surrey

Surrey is a beautiful part of England. In addition to its natural beauty, it also has wonderful places to eat, stay, and visit. Here are the top three restaurants, hotels, and arts venues.


1. Nomads Theatre:

The Nomads performed in various theatres around the country throughout the first half of the 20th century, which is why they are called the Nomad Players. Now they have their own venue where they hold performances all year long.

2. The Lightbox:

The Lightbox opened in September 2007, and is home to some of the most exciting gallery spaces in the South East.

3. Riverhouse:

Riverhouse is an intimate, friendly arts centre, largely run by volunteers and community members. Their events consist of drama productions, musical concerts, art exhibitions, and shows for children.


1. The William Bray:

This contemporary British bar and resutaurant is situated right in the heart of Shere, one of the most charming villages in Surrey. They serve traditional British food, have a beautiful garden and a terrace overlooking the village’s parks and greenery.

2. The French Table:

Run by a lovely couple, it is the aim of The French Table to provide exceptional tasting food to kind, and local patrons. She runs the front of the house, while he puts his French cooking skills to work in the back. In addition to serving excellent dishes they also offer cooking courses.

3. Bingham:

For something a little fancier, enjoy a meal at Bingham. Guests are invited for afternoon tea, Sunday brunch, tasting menus, and of course, a la carte meals. With an exceptional wine list and seasonal recipes to choose from, there is something for everyone to love at Bingham.


1. Chalk Lane hotel:

Chalk Lane is the hidden gem of Epsom. It is cosy, and it is quaint. Curl up by their warm fireplace or enjoy a delicious meal in their amazing restaurant. And if you feel like getting out, there are a ton of things to do nearby, including shopping, historical sites, and activities for the children.

2. Langshott Manor:

This beautifully restored sixteenth century manor house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and an ancient moat. It has the perfect balance of old charm, including wood burning fires, and modern luxuries.

3. Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa:

For something a little bit more relaxing, why not stay at Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa? Complete with a Michelin star restaurant and individually styled rooms, it is no wonder why so many people have chosen it to host weddings, charity balls and more.